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  • Achieving International Scalability for Gladstone Brookes

    25th November 2020  |  Client Success

    Find out how Connex One's partnership enabled Gladstone Brookes to triple their customer call capacity, launch a new South Africa office and meet overwhelming industry demand.
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  • How AI can increase contact centres team efficiency during peak times of traffic.

    24th June 2020  |  AI

    With the global disruption caused by Coronavirus, there comes new challenges for customer service and support teams across many industries. In times of crisis or when facing higher volumes of traffic than usual, it’s important for contact centre businesses to stay focused on best practices and reinforcing the capabilities of…
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  • Why Your Business Needs Live Chat.

    13th May 2020  |  Live Chat

    There’s a shift happening in the way we communicate. Think back 15 years ago, a phone was just a phone - you made calls on it because that’s what a phone was. Now your phone is your lifeline, with no end of communication methods; apps, text, video calls, emails, social media… the list goes on.
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  • Why PCI-DSS Is Becoming Invaluable To The Future Of Our Economy

    16th April 2020  |  Customer Engagement Platform

    Previously, PCI-DSS was once considered just another standard security hoop for businesses to jump through, but has now become an essential springboard for businesses to thrive throughout the global pandemic. Not only can PCI-DSS provide an extra layer of security for you and your customers when taking payments, but PCI-DSS is perfect for ensuring cash flow and business sustainability throughout COVID-19.
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